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The story of your business, brand or product matters. Business Therapy focuses on getting you to think differently about how you are engaging with the markets you serve. In a fully customizable format, we work together to shape your brand story, build a marketing plan, and take your story to market in a relevant and consistent manner. The result: complex features translated into clear messages.


Segmentation and Strategy

No single product fits all markets and meets all needs. By understanding who you're selling to and why they are buying, you can begin to align function with emotion to create demand and advocacy. 

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Product Marketing

Translating complex product functions into relevant solutions isn't easy. Telling the story of these impact that these solutions can be even harder. Marketing works when audiences not only understand your product, but also understand how it can impact their lives.

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Content and Communication

Content without context or collateral without value is effort wasted.  Is your brand voice consistent across all internal and external channels? From collateral audit to editorial calendars and content generation, Business Therapy offers a full range of end-to-end support.

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From complex to clear

With more than 10 years of business-to-business marketing experience, Business Therapy helps businesses translate the complex into the clear.


Creativity is intelligence having fun!

— Albert Einstein

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The story. Not the industry

With marketing principles in hand, Business Therapy moves easily between industries and verticals and offer a full range of content generation.