An Overview of Marketing Strategy and Content Execution.

Account-Based Marketing


Account-based marketing was key to managing corporate positioning, segmented messages and sales enablement strategies. For CIBC Mellon, we focused on face-to-face content delivery (sales decks, RFP responses, and conferences), timed and targeted media engagement, and a unique combination of broad brand-based positioning that aligned to feature-based messages.


1. Targeted Advertising

General awareness of products and services was created through highly targeted digital and print publications.

2. Insightful Content

Articles, researched and ghost-written by me, served to demonstrate a perpsective on a key industry topic.

Additional Article Samples:

3. A Face-to-Face Meeting

Finally, a face-to-face meeting opportunity was created. Typically structured as an inviation-only breakfast session, these topics followed content themes.



Repositioning A Brand

At LexisNexis, Canada's largest and most recognized online legal content publisher, Lawyers had come to see case law databases as "a necessary evil." Worsestill, recent Law school graduates felt frustrated that what was made available for free to students was now only available through subscription. Price quickly becamse the determining factor in the decision to subscibe. 

First, a detailed overview of the product/customer lifecycle was mapped. How do we define customers? What in the product penetration journey? How does that lead to revenue?

The LexisNexis Canada Knowledge Centre was created to help demonstrate that a longer-term relationship provided additional benefits.

The five secrets to getting organized.

Legal marketing on a budget.

Top 10 time mangement tips.

All new email campaign strategies were created making content more accessible and leads more actionable.



Launching eCommerce Products

autoTRADER.ca, one of Canada's largest automotive marketplaces, struggled to find market balance between offering the latest in digital solutions for marketplaces and the needs of dealerships in a very bricks and motor sales environment.

Marketplace Booster I, II, III

Each year, autoTRADER.ca launched a new suite of products for use on the marketplace. 

"New Car" education and product launch

Helping dealerships understand the potential of placing their "new car" inventory on the marketplace required a major shift in thinking.



From yconic. to yconic.com

"Yconic." was going through a business pivot, moving from a student service into a digital advertising platform. It was necessary to rebuild the story of yconic. and launch yconic.com. And, for the first time, yconic had a marketing theme and alignment betwee nsales and marketing.

Yconic collateral 1.jpg

A new campaign "Your Message. Our Audience." helped better position yconic.com as a key platform for student marketing.


Introducing viadata.io

Viadata.io was a new brand exploring first-party data and its many uses. As a start-up, the company was still defining products and market offering, building trechnology and solutions, and determining its take-to-market strategy. 

A New Brand Story

A New Website.

A New Campign



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