Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.
— Bill Bernbach

Happy Clients. Great stories.


I was fortunate enough to find Adam as I was exploring the launch of The New Light Shop. His questions and techniques allowed me to develop a stronger, clearer, and more concise vision, mission, and unique value proposition for the company. For me, Business Therapy was the opportunity to brainstorm solutions and reframe my situation into something I could action and solve. He likes to say, “I’m not here to solve your problem for you, I’m here to show you ways to solve the problem yourself!” As new challenges and ideas come up in my business, I’m relieved to have this helpful resource at the ready. He is a true professional and delivers an invaluable service.


I consider Adam and his Business Therapy techniques to be my secret weapon in Sales. In my Sales position, I love knowing I have a resource I can use to help build sales strategies, stress-test pitches, and even help craft the perfect response to an email. Adam doesn’t do the work for you, but is instead a trusted advisor that is ready and willing to help. I highly recommend Adam’s approaches and Business Therapy!

— Senior IT Sales Professional, +20 years experience

Working within the Business Therapy approach gave me the opportunity to validate my go-forward plans and explore new ideas. In a safe and encouraging way, Adam helped me articulate the value of my idea. He helped me build a brand and gave me the direction I needed to bring it to life

— Jean-Baptiste Lenoir, Social Entreprenuer

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