No one understands your business better than you,
but sometimes you need a fresh perspective.

Step 1: (The hardest - and easiest - part) 
Business Therapy starts with a complementary 15 minute session. Here, we'll discuss your overall objectives and make sure Business Therapy is right for you. My intention is to create a safe and confidential space* where you can openly discuss your ideas and gain additional perspectives.

Step 2: (The real work)
Our next session is longer and more in-depth. Typically running for 30-45 minutes, in these sessions we begin discussing things in more detail. You control the agenda and topics, I'll help us get and stay on track. You'll walk away with a new approach to your idea. 

Step 3: (The follow-up)
This one is up to you. If you like, I'll follow-up with more resources, tools and commentary based on our conversations.

Flexible | Accessible | Personal


*Your idea is your own. A non-disclosure agreement is required at the start of Business Therapy. (And should be required no matter which business consultant you choose to to work with.)