Business Therapy works best for small business with specific business questions or entrepreneurs with new business ideas.

Designed to be accessible, flexible, and completely customizable, Business Therapy let's you decide how we'll work together.

For Entrepreneurs and Start-ups

  • Looking to stress-test an idea?
    This is your chance to get a fresh perspective on your idea - all in a safe, confidential environment. Are there pitfalls you're missing? Opportunities for line extension? Operational considerations? Let's talk.

  • Trying to understand the business planning process?
    You have a great idea, but aren't sure where to start. Start-up planning is complex, together we can identify key milestones and performance metrics so you get and stay on the right path.

For Small Businesses

  • Ready to define your business brand and tell your story?
    You understand your business better than anyone else. Sometimes it can be tough to come up with all the answers on your own. Let's work together to help shed new light on your plans and bring your brand to life.

For Sales & Marketing Professionals

  • Need a second opinion on a sales strategy or marketing plan?
    Ever struggle with how to approach new clients or sensitive negotiations? Need a litmus test before talking to customers? Sometimes, a second perspective is all you need.

For Individuals

For Individuals, Business Therapy serves as a brainstorming partner. Working one-on-one, we work through things such as building a personal brand story, exploring a new idea, or creating a go-forward plan for a professional goal.

  • Have an idea you'd like to explore?
    The one-on-one Business Therapy process allows you to explore that idea in a safe and encouraging environment. Let's work together to identify potential next steps, what challenges could exist, and new ways to bring your idea to life!

  • Have a career question?
    Sometimes career advice needs an outside lens. Let's talk about where you are today and where you'd like to go next.